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Odoo 10 is most revolutionary ERP present in Market. Awesome features, beautiful and user friendly interface, NOW THE MOST IMPORTANT IS EASY TO CUSTOMIZE #OdooStudio . Odoo evolving at very fast pace, 3 cheers for Odoo Team, Community, Partners, Contributors worldwide. Now Below we will share you some important major changes done in Odoo 10 than Odoo 9.

What’s New in Odoo 10 ?


  • Native App for Android Users. (Enterprise)
  • New Planner for eCommerce and Enhance Old Planners.
  • Improved Developer Mode. Accessible from the Settings app.
  • Improved multi-companies setup and access rights.
  • An alert warns the user to update translations.
  • KeyBoard Navigation for quick menu access / search feature.
  • Huge improvements in the speed of web pages due to the QWeb compilation, page caching, and improved controllers code.
  • New API , QWeb templates are now compiled for faster execution. Set a Favicon
  • Lots of performance optimizations in the backend: lazy breadcrumb, views caching, reduced RPC Calls, JS views caching, reduced css code.

Website Builder & Ecommerce

  • New Website Editor redeveloped from scratch.
  • New icons for the apps and Improved media manager.
  • New payment providers: Stripe (worldwide) and PayUMoney (India).
  • Image Maginifier, Product Multi Image, Out of Stock Warning and New Dashboard.
  • As an option, attributes can create variants or not. This allows having attributes that are only used for a product configurator.
  • Get the status of your delivery order directly in the customer portal with a link to the carrier tracking page.
  • Tax Cloud Integration to compute the proper taxes automatically in the U.S. according to the address (zip, state) and products.(Enterprise)


  • Support for the new API of Yodlee to improve bank synchronization and error messages.(Enterprise)
  • Reconciliation models can now be configured in the chart of accounts template.
  • New Camt.053 support to import bank statements (Enterprise) and New tool to import CSV bank statements.
  • Fold and unfold feature in the aged payables and receivables to expand a line and get the details of the customer/vendor.
  • Added back a multi-level hierarchy option in the trial balance report.(Enterprise)
  • Ability to set up a dedicated sequence for customer refunds and vendor refunds.
  • Main reports (P&L, BS, Trial Balance) improved to filter on analytic accounts & tags. New report on analytic accounts. Ability to record tags at invoice, sale or journal entries level.
  • New mechanism to handle full reconciliations (requirement for the FEC report).

MRP ( Manufacturing )

  • Better split between Kits and regular BoMs. Removed start and end dates on lines; replaced by BoM versioning.
  • Manufacturing orders appear in the inventory dashboard and have a picking type to organize multiple assembly lines.
  • New Master Production Schedule to plan future manufacturing orders (Enterprise)
  • Put a tablet on each work center to view worksheets, track production time, answer quality checks, scan serial numbers and trigger alerts.(Enterprise)
  • Track your Overall Equipment Effectiveness with availability losses, performance losses and quality losses.(Enterprise)
  • New reports for: costing (based on theoretical or real values), traceability, OEE, maintenance and quality.(Enterprise)
  • Schedule work orders based on the capacity of the work centers (MRP II Scheduling)(Enterprise).

PLM & Quality Management (Enterprise)

  • Version Control on BOM and Route
  • Store Document on BOM and Route Directly.
  • Use Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) to track changes, manage versions, and define a validation process.
  • quality checks at receptions, manufacturing operations or packing/delivery operations
  • Quality Checks and statistics to get reports about your quality issues

Odoo Studio (Enterprise)

  • Customize applications without development
  • Customize reports with inline edition or using the integrated XML editor on QWeb report views.
  • Update translations easily
  • Actions Editor, Screen designer, Menu Editor
  • Add business logic to your application, automate tasks with no development.

Maintenance (Enterprise)

  • Trigger maintenance requests automatically based on KPIs: MTBF, MTTR, etc.
  • Trigger corrective maintenance directly from the work center control panel.
  • Get all maintenance statistics computed for you: mean time before failure, mean time to repair, overall equipment effectiveness.
  • Schedule maintenance activities with a calendar for the maintenance team.

Helpdesk (Enterprise)

  • Tickets management ,live chat sessions, integrated with website form, or connect third party applications.
  • Ticket Assignation manually, randomly or balanced between team members.
  • Link you helpdesk to a public FAQ/Forum or a knowledge base with presentations, documents and videos
  • Claim Management Removed and Replaced with Helpdesk.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys, Overview Dashboard, Easy Configuration

Events & Purchases

  • Barcode to Track attendees participation by scanning badges(Enterprise)
  • Attach a twitter wall to your event to publish live tweets, and create pages with best testimonials.
  • Modify purchase orders and expected receptions will adapt automatically.
  • Use purchase agreements to define templates of purchase orders. When creating a PO, you can load all products automatically.
  • Create blanket orders, order when you want, and track quantities according to the contract

POS, CRM and Sales

  • New wizard to mark a selection of leads as lost in bulk and select a reason.
  • Integrated numpad in the VOIP to compose numbers or answer to PBX menus.(Enterprise)
  • Cohort Analysis, Portal for partners or resellers
  • POS dependency removed from Sales
  • Ability to transfer an order to another table for the restaurant environment.
  • Fasten the cash control with a default opening balance.

Time Sheet and Attendance

  • Grid view introduced to easily manage matrix of records. (Enterprise)
  • Introduce to invoice timesheets based on validation, not on creation
  • Tablet Ui to manage attendances with badges or code.
  • Sign In/Out using a PIN code per employee.

Mass Mailing & Expense

  • Mass mailing now support themes (pre-made mailings) and styles for the choice of colors and images.
  • Mass mailing editor has been redeveloped from scratch
  • Building blocks, and the designer have been reviewed to improve the creation of a mailing.
  • Expense reports, Improved Reimbursement Mechanism
  • Attach photos of expenses, and easily control attachements on expense reports.


  • Recipients tracking and Live Chat Rating
  • New mechanism of commands. Start a link with “/” to get the list of chat commands
  • Define canned responses to quickly answer most common questions in the live chat (use “:”).
  • Mentions are now supported in discussion
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  • Anastasia Stefanuk

    Very useful are possibility of sending a notification to client when project’s stage is completed, advanced ticketing handle, subscriptions and client portal.

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