ShortCut Keys to Use Odoo10

Many of the desktop users are very comfortable to use Keyboard shortcuts to use the system. Many accountant and Retailer feel easy to use keyboard shortcuts. Odoo Enterprise is Simple and Easy to use. You can use keyboard shortcut to perform functions in Odoo ERP. Below we are enlisting all shortcut for your reference with their functionality. Hope this will be ease your tasks.

For Window User For Linux User For Mac User Functionality
Save a record ALT + s ATL + s CTRL + ATL + s
Edit a record (adapt) ALT + a ALT + a CTRL + ALT + a
Discard a record modification (junk) ALT + j ALT + j CTRL + ALT + j
Create a new record ALT + c ALT + c CTRL + ALT + c
Open to list view ALT + l ALT + l CTRL + ALT + l
Open to kanban view ALT + k ALT + k CTRL + ALT + k
Open the previous record ALT + p ALT + p CTRL + ALT + p
Open the next record ALT + n ALT + n CTRL + ALT + n
Toggle home menu ALT + h ALT + h CTRL + ALT + h

Easy Menu Search in Odoo 10 Enterprise. Just go to DASHBOARD of Odoo 10 then direct type from keyboard like Sales Order . This will search menu globally from the system and suggest you all the possible answers. Kindly refer the below screenshot for your reference.

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  • Luis Guzman

    Seems that this are valid for Chrome but not for Firefox on GNU/Linux users.
    Have you noticed this?

  • John Paul Prassanna

    Nice. But works only with Chrome.

  • Abdul Halim

    How can I go to Sales/Products directly using keyboard shortcuts.

    • GetOpenERP

      go to main odoo screen and type product through keyboard …. now you will find all menus related to product.

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